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The book is short and an easy read, so snag a copy before you start out. Wickman offers three ways to implement the EOS. Traction is also an easy read, proposing solutions in plain English. Traction is available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and an MP3 audio edition. There are obstacles, and then there are obstacles. Traction deals with the big, mind-bending hurdles.

As the owner of your business, the buck stops with you. Do you find yourself running around day after day putting out fires?

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Conquer the Chaos offers some resolutions you might want to adopt. But it does offer some procedural advice as well. Mask and Martineau have earmarked the book for beginners mostly because they feel that when small business owners get too far down the road, a lot of unnecessary damage has already been done and it becomes more difficult to turn things around. Conquer the Chaos is available in hardcover, as a Kindle edition and as an audiobook.

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World tells you how to get more done and how to do it more efficiently. It gives examples of what some well-known individuals have done to achieve this success. Newport offers some tried-and-true techniques for dodging the distractions that are inherent in running a small business so you can focus on the things—typically highly challenging tasks—that will ensure that your business succeeds.

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First released in , Deep Work is available in hardcover, paperback, a Kindle edition, as an audiobook, and on CD. Sinek takes the position that you can do one of two things to get others — including employees — to get on board with you and help your business thrive.

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He says you can either manipulate them or you can inspire them. Sinek recommends the inspirational approach and he suggests that the key is in identifying the reasons you began your business in the first place. Remembering and focusing on them should energize you to new, more creative and more innovative thought processes, and it will likewise inspire others. Forget what you want to do and zero in on why you want to do it.

Sinek offers three ways of achieving this. This book is all about understanding what makes people tick, why they say "yes" instead of "no," and how to use that knowledge to your advantage. But Influence goes even deeper than that. He also gives some grounded advice on how not to be manipulated yourself, something that can be crucial to making wise business decisions. The book is based on 35 years of his own research.

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Also read: Amazon Kindle review: The cheapest e-book reader worth buying. Also read: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review: Improved experience, same price. Though Amazon does try to sweeten the deal.

The Oasis comes with great battery life and a very nice leather cover with additional battery inside it as part of the whole package. With other Kindles -- say for example Voyage -- a leather cover would cost Rs 4, more. If you love books, you don't need the Oasis to enjoy them. You can very well have fun with books on Paperwhite and or even the basic Kindle.

But Oasis offers that bit of extra "feel" and "premium finish" that many people would love if they don't mind the extra money involved here.

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Also, now that with the Oasis we are aiming for the absolute best Kindle experience, we suggest you get the 3G version. Yes, 3G on Kindle demands a bit of premium but when you are already spending around Rs 25,, go whole way and add another Rs 2, Also read: Kindle Oasis review: In a class of its own. Even while travelling you may not need it because in case you run out of books, you can quickly connect to airport or some cafe Wi-Fi and download couple of books in minutes.

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It's nice convenience but premium not worth it, unless it's the Kindle Oasis we are talking about. When you see it, don't get alarmed. It's not lag, although the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis are marginally faster. The "lag" you see is normal.

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So you will have to buy e-books. Less is available to users but storage is not an issue because even in 1GB you can store thousands of e-books. Additional all the books that you purchase or download from Amazon store are linked to your accounts and even if you delete them from a Kindle, they can be re-downloaded. Also read: Kindle books vs Paperbacks: Sibling rivalry at its best.