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Luke, right behind them, was led to a seat in the back of the room, in front of a humungous mirror, with scissors, a spray bottle, and other supplies sprawled out on the counter in front of it. Why was he in a hair salon? He was worried that someone could see him, but he knew no one could. As Mr. I must have accidentally taken them with me. Luke crept out of his hiding place, looking carefully for Mr.

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Colly and other customers and employees who might have been looking and stood behind Mr. After a few moments had passed, Mr. Colly came back into the room puzzled and rubbing his bald forehead. No hands! His mind went crazy.

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No, impossible! He thought, while slowly making his way toward the scissors. He heard a mumbling and the scissors dropped. His costumer looked up.


Colly gasped. What kind of work was that? Whoever… But his customer smiled. Colly picked up the scissors and silently let out a sigh of relief. But what was it? What made him invisible? It was Tuesday, and I had just gotten over what my doctor said was the flu.

Invisible For A Day

What else was I supposed to say? Where do you go? They took out all of your teeth man! Was it painful?! They were there all there. Cut it out man. Well—Hey Bret! Check it out! The doctors had no idea what was going on. But I could still feel them. Some help they were. Maybe it did before people realized what it did to them. Again, nothing that would help me. We went home disappointed. I remember what the doctor said about taking more of the medicine, maybe to see if taking more reversed what happened to me. I tried, but the next day, my whole face was gone.

I screamed, just like a girl would. We visited the doctor again, already knowing nothing could be done.

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We threw away the medication, knowing that just taking more of it would make everything worse. We visited everywhere. No one could help me. I was just…a headless human trying to heal myself all on my own. Of course, Mom tried to help as much as she could, with juicing and natural oils. Days and more days went by, and my body began to disappear again.

My hands, my chest, then everything else. I was now officially invisible.

Classic detective fiction and impossible crimes

So now here I was, walking back home, nothing more to do. Nothing left to do.

Either that medicine was beginning to help or I was allergic to a chemical in it. I groaned and tried to find a way to ease my stomach ache by finding a more comfortable position in bed. My sister stepped in a few minutes later to tell me that they were leaving to go grocery shopping and that I could stay home.

I heard the door slam the start of an engine, followed by the close of the garage door. I fell back asleep.

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About an hour had passed, and my stomach ache became worse and worse, so bad that I had to stay in the bathroom the remaining hours of being home by myself…. The garage door opened and my family trudged in throwing groceries to the side of the door to be unloaded later. Do you need more medication? My stomach seemed to collapse.

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I just have a really bad stomach ache Mom. Livia came into my room as I was making my bed and screamed. Mae has no hair! Crazy person , I thought. But just to make sure, I felt for my hair. It was there all right. I rushed to the mirror and screamed. I immediately reacted with a scream. Well, what would you do if you found out that part of you was suddenly invisible? To make a long story short, nobody could help me; I was on my own. But everything I tried—everything my mom and I did—nothing worked. It just made it worse.

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