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Since the death penalty was reinstated in , one-third of all executions in the US have taken place in Texas. Witness to an Execution tells the stories of the men and women involved with the execution of death-row inmates at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas.

Narrated by Warden Jim Willett, who oversees all Texas executions, Witness to an Execution documents, in minute-by-minute detail, the process of carrying out an execution by lethal injection. Most of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice employees interviewed have witnessed over inmates being put to death.

Death Row Diaries: Criminal Justice

Tossing Away the Keys Produced by Soundportraits. It was named, long ago, for the birthplace of the slaves who were brought here to work the land. Now, Angola holds more than 5, prisoners, mostly African Americans. It still has the look of another time: black men with shovels over their shoulders march long straight lines to work along the levees. They are trailed by guards on horseback, shotguns resting in their laps.

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It used to be that a life sentence in Louisiana meant a maximum of ten years and six months behind bars. But, in the s, the state's politicians changed the definition. A life sentence in Louisiana now means just that.

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Unless they're pardoned by the governor, inmates today know they will never again see the outside world—that they will die inside Angola prison. Tossing Away the Keys is their story. This hour-long show looks at the lives of inmates and their families, from a call-in radio show for prisoners and their families in Texas, to prison visiting rooms packed with children on Mother's Day. The second-half of the show features a reading of a pamphlet written by ex-con Stephen Donaldson for heterosexual men who are about to enter prison and an interview with former South African political prisoner Breyten Breytenbach, who tells how prison changes all your perceptions, and changes them in ways that last after you've been released.

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Sentencing Produced by This American Life. We've all heard occasional news stories about how some of the drug laws enacted in the last 15 years may have gone too far. First-time offenders get locked up for decades. Judges, even Republican appointees, say that mandatory minimum sentences prevent them from making fair rulings.

But have sentences really gone too far? This hour-long radio show examines the areas where a consensus is growing on the problems in federal drug laws, and it explains the areas where drug laws seem to be administered fairly.

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It includes the story of how a person could be sentenced to 19 years for drug possession, even if police found no drugs, drug money, residue, or paraphernalia, even if it's a first offense. Judges give their opinions of the drug sentencing laws. The show ends with a night in drug court. Newsom also recalled his visits to San Quentin State Prison. With his executive order , Newsom joined governors of Colorado, Oregon, and Pennsylvania who earlier declared death penalty moratoriums in their states.

Executions have been abolished in 20 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. We have seen many cases of wrongful convictions reversed only after decades. The most convincing exonerating evidence will not bring back a person who has been executed. ACA 12 would ban a criminal sentence of death and would require existing death penalty inmates to be resentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. If passed by a two-thirds vote of the legislature, ACA 12 will appear on the ballot for voter approval.

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We commend Gov. They also cited a statewide study showing that when victims were white, defendants were three to four times as likely to be sentenced to death as when victims were black or Latinx. Shortly after that, voters passed Proposition 17, which established the death penalty as legal under the state constitution. Since that time only 13 inmates have been executed—the most recent in —while hundreds have been sentenced to death, remaining on death row for decades.

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A ballot proposition to end the death penalty in the state lost by 52 to 48 percent. In a similar measure lost by 53 to 47 percent, while a competing measure to streamline the appeals process won with 51 percent of the vote.

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She joined the PW staff in , and currently participates as a volunteer.