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But there are other ways you can manage it too. Maybe we can come up with a better way of leaving the house each morning. Talking about anxiety in this way gives children permission to feel stress, explains Dr. Kirmayer, and sends the message that stress is manageable. After JD Bailey lost her temper at her daughters on their way to dance class, she made sure to explain her reaction, and then focused on moving forward. Mom is a little stressed out because I have a lot of work going on. Come up with strategies in advance for managing specific situations that trigger your stress.

You may even involve your child in the plan. If, for example, you find yourself feeling anxious about getting your son ready for bed by a reasonable hour, talk to him about how you can work together to better handle this stressful transition in the future.

Maybe you can come up with a plan wherein he earns points toward a privilege whenever he goes through his evening routine without protesting his bedtime. But seeing you implement a plan to curb specific anxious moments lets him know that stress can be tolerated and managed. If you know that a situation causes you undue stress, you might want to plan ahead to absent yourself from that situation so your children will not interpret it as unsafe.

Eventually you want to be able to take your child to school, but if you are still in treatment, you can ask a co-parent or co-adult to handle the drop off. In general, if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with anxiety in the presence of your child, try to take a break. Danielle Veith, a stay-at-home mom who blogs about her struggles with anxiety, will take some time to herself and engage in stress-relieving activities when she starts to feel acutely anxious. Rely on the people in your life who will step in when you feel overwhelmed, or even just offer words of support.

Those people can be therapists, co-parents, or friends. You can also look for support on blogs, online forums, and social media. That rather surpises me.

Could it be because that group just produced more, so there were more results to pick from? Yes, the quantity group produced a lot more and learned from their mistakes, while the quality group tried making the one perfect piece and did a lot of theorizing about perfection. The way I see it is that producing regularly without aiming for perfection helps us get to grips with the creation process.

By repeating the process, we learn from our mistakes and we learn how the process works. I learn from every post I write. I agree writing a lot helps. But at some point I find that progression stops. Unless, may be, you venture into a new area. But for beginning writers it is undoubtedly true.

Hi Henneke, number 20 made me laugh. What are you talking about? Google it. It will be the best 10 minutes you spend today, I promise. But not my pronunciation … my pronunciation is weird! Thank you for your lovely comment and for your tip on Tara Brach.

Consider what makes you feel in control

Hi Henneke, I really enjoyed this piece! And it does apply to other areas. Reading emails, etc. Looking at my cute baby:. It really works for me to do my writing before answering emails, before reading the newspapers, and before checking social media. But you might want to try to write as soon as you can find some focused time. Could you also set a deadline by which time you could start? I sometimes start at 8.

This give me the right balance of direction and freedom. One of the advantages of deciding what to work on the evening before, is that my mind keeps working on the post even while I sleep. Barbara Oakley calls this process diffused thinking in her book A Mind for Numbers. She argues that to solve problems and writing an article is similar to solving a problem we need both focused thinking and diffused thinking.

So stepping away from our writing to take breaks can help us write faster. It even works for me to read through a list of headline options before I go to bed, and then when I wake up, I know which one to pick or an even better one pops in my mind. Believe in yourself, you can do it! I just wanted to point out a possible typo in your infographic. If you agree with me, maybe it would be worth fixing. I really enjoyed the practical tips in The Now Habit which is not specifically about art, but about procrastination in general.

It sounds familiar. Sometimes these paper tiger cages get the best of us…for a bit anyway. With perseverance we can break through these circles…and with a process and a plan. I seem to struggle with labels. I think this is one of my favourite articles by you so far.

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Definitely helps me to understand my own process and to find comfort in knowing that others even successful writers like yourself face the same challenges. Thank you thank you thank you! I really like your baby reference. One thing that helps me is to start thinking about my next writing task as soon as one is finished.

Thank you Henneke. Your advice on dealing with writing fears is a reminder on why we should keep at it. I shall have to read it many more times to take in all the wisdom, here. Or boredom. Two opposite causes, working hand in hand to thwart us. Thanks so much! In my opinion, doing anything creative takes a lot of courage.

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I have deep admiration for writers, architects, YouTubers and so on. I feel a lot better today.

Oh, I am glad at least you are feeling better. Take care of yourself, our bodies go first! I loved this post Henneke. Our fears can destroy us.

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My father used to say that we need to be our best friends, and we can be our worst enemies. I had only heard about us being our own worst enemies, I like the contrast of becoming our own best friends instead. Thank you for commenting, Daniel. In my work as a somatic transformation mentor, one of the things i teach people is: 1 Fear is natural and not something you need to fight or avoid.

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Energy you can learn use to write that blog post or whatever. I realize that fear is natural. Fear tends to create anxiety for me. I prefer to be relaxed and comfortable so that I can think clearly. Fear sometimes makes me panic. Sometimes when I write, I draw a blank. If you know this answer, please share. I would greatly appreciate it. Its a feeling that is produced from the body when you get out of your comfort zone. Your ego loves to keep you in your comfort zone and keep you safe, so when you step out of the norm of daily life, fear which can be a feeling of anxiety will creep in as you have not been where you are going before.

This is natural.

How Dancing Cured My Anxiety

Unhealthy fear is when you are constantly worrying and have anxiety about life in general and cannot do anything because of it. Sometimes this is having panic attacks like you mention. When I feel anxiety or feeling uncomfortable I tune into my body to see where the feeling is coming from and what might of caused it, usually its because I gone out of my comfort zone or thinking about it.

But usually when writing, and I feel fear, I know that I am on to something that needs to be written or taken action upon, and have trust and faith key to allow me to take that action. I know its not life threatening. Its best to outline a few subjects ahead of time of what you want to write to overcome the writers block so you have something to work on, thats what I do in Scrivener or word. It happens to me, too.